FSLF Partners With SEDS at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Future Space Leaders Foundation is committed to investing the time and attention to learn more, to listen deeply, and to take action. We pledge to develop a concerted strategy and to commit resources so that Black graduate students and young professionals can receive fellowships that improve their access to networking and career development in the space and satellite community. We are resolute in fostering a continued dialogue around their truths at our events, and to lowering the barriers for underrepresented demographics to be successful in our industry.

As a first step, Future Space Leaders Foundation is excited to partner with Students for the Exploration and Development of Space to commit funding this year, and reoccurring funding in future years, to provide startup grants for SEDS chapters at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. SEDS is an incredible organization and channel for students to explore the aerospace sector, and increase interest and opportunities for careers in industry and academia after graduation. We look forward to seeing many of these future graduates as Future Space Leaders Fellows. It is clear we can do more to overcome the bias and systemic racism that persists today, and this must be a priority for our community because Black lives matter.